PCB Services

1st Choice Engineering specializes in PCB Design.  Your board design will be done by an electrical engineer with over 20 years experience.  Having an engineer design/layout your board allows for smoother integration of changes and new requirements.  Even if we are only laying out your board, we have all aspects of your design in mind!

Whether you are looking to cost reduce a 2 layer board or push the limits of board fabrication, our team can help.

Listed below are some of the services we offer.  If you have any questions about your specific project or would like more information please contact us.

Schematic Capture

  • Logic Design
  • Component Selection
  • Library Definition
  • ECO to PCB

PCB Technology

PCB Technologies are primarily dominated by fabrication houses.  

  • High Speed Design up to 50GHZ
  • Dense Boards up to 25 layer
  • HDI Designs
  • Flex Circuits
  • DFM
  • Split/Mixed Plane
  • Handroute/Autoroute

PCB Layout

  • ECO from Schematic
  • Library Definition
  • Component Placement
  • Critical Route
  • Plane Definition
  • Route
  • Rules Checking

Final Product

  • Post Processing
  • Fabrication Notes
  • Assembly Drawing
  • Bill Of Materials